Sapphire Soothing Day Cream SPF 30

Sapphire Soothing Day Cream SPF 30

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Vitamin C & E - Z-Cote - Octinoxate - Octisalate

This delicate formula is made with Ginseng and Green Tea Extract to reduce skin irritation and redness. Vitamin C and E help to protect the skin from free radical damage while Z-cote blocks out UVA and UVB radiation. This beautiful SPF and moisturizer blend uses Antioxidants and Hyaluronate to keep the skin supple and hydrated all day.

Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free, Silicone Free, Vegan, Nut Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Gluten Free. PH Level 7.0

Product Highlights-

  • A perfect balance of moisturizer and SPF so two steps are no longer necessary
  • Limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing and using sunscreen may reduce the risks of skin aging and skin cancer
  • Prevents skin from developing dark spots, age spots and discoloration
  • Ginseng and Green Tea Extract reduce skin inflammation, irritation and redness
  • Great to wear on its own all day or under your favorite makeup
  • Very comfortable and breathable on even the most sensitive skin
  • Perfect for all skin types

Directions: Apply to face, neck and chest after cleansing and toning each morning. Re-apply if you are exposing yourself to the sun.

3.3 FL. OZ.

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfect everyday wear

I use this everyday first thing after my shower in the morning. One day I forgot to put it on, and I noticed a HUGE difference all day. My skin looks hydrated and beautiful all the time! So happy with this product.

You Need This

I absolutely love this moisturizer! It has helped a ton with my dry skin and keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day! Day time moisturizers have never been my thing because I feel like my make up looks horrible if I apply it before hand. Make up applies so nicely over this stuff- also it has SPF! You can’t lose!

This is amazing!

This is amazing! My skin hasn’t been dry at all this winter. I mean seriously I’m usually cracking and flaking and it makes it so I can’t even put makeup on. My skin feels refreshed when I put it on and it smells good too! A little goes a long way so this will definitely last you.


Though it's not the Aqua, I'm obsessed with this moisturizer!! It's got such a smooth feeling, isn't overly strong in smell, and you can use so little and get so much from it! Once I start running low, in going to start to worry because I can't live without it. GET YOURSELF SOME!!!


I wear this everyday under my makeup and it doesn’t mess with the way my makeup goes on at all, usually sunscreen is very oily but this just feels like you are putting moisturizer on and the sunscreen smell is not strong to be able to smell it when you are wearing it. Love it love it love it!!