Hex & Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment is to be as zero waste as possible. Source, ship and create as sustainably as possible.


Our products are shipped locally out of Las Vegas, NV. We do not use or source any of our products from overseas. Everything is made locally in the United States. Our warehouse is fully powered by solar. The computers, printers, lights, heating/cooling, you name it. It is all powered by solar power. We also offset all delivery emissions to compensate for any emissions we cannot avoid, like the truck delivering your shipment to you.

Sourcing Ingredients & Fair Wages-

We only source ingredients from manufacturers that we know are doing business sustainably. We asked the hard questions and if we didn’t get the answers we wanted we sourced elsewhere. All of our ingredients are sourced in the United States and we ensured all businesses are paying fair wages to their employees. 

Eco Friendly Packaging-

All of our products are packaged in fully recyclable bottles/jars. All of our shipping materials are biodegradable/recyclable/compostable. We pack orders with minimal filler and size the box or mailer precisely to fit your order. Less packaging, less waste, happier planet.

Hex & Shopify-

We use Shopify as our shopping/shipping platform. Shopify invests $1 million USD each year into carbon sequestration. Removing carbon from the atmosphere is an essential way to slow the accumulation of greenhouse gases and mitigate impact on a warming climate.

Shopify sources renewable power for heating, cooling and powering their buildings. Since moving entirely to Google cloud to power the platform, shopify is carbon neutral.